Question about NAD 320BEE

I am currently helping a friend put together a budget two-channel audio system, and I have been intending to build the system around an NAD 320BEE amplifier. My friend threw a curveball at me today when she told me that she wants the amplifier to be capable of driving a separate, alternative set of speakers in another part of her house away from the listening room (actually outside the house on her deck) when she is entertaining outside.

Can one of you guys with an NAD 320BEE integrated amp tell me whether there are two sets of speaker outputs on the amplifier? If not, does anyone have any creative ideas about how to elegantly accommodate this request (other than the obvious possibility of just changing the speaker cable connections on the back of the amp whenever she wants to switch between the two pairs of speakers)?

Thanks for your help.

The NAD C320BEE does not support two sets of speakers. You would need to move up to the C372 to have that happen.

Other options ... try the Outlaw Audio RR2150 stereo receiver or the Cambridge Audio 540 or 640.

Regards, Rich
a second for the outlaw receiver.
If budget is a concern, look at conventional stereo receivers from Denon or Yamaha, which can accommodate two sets of speakers. For your purposes, these units can hold their own with the NAD.
Buy a speaker switch box, & you can use the NAD.
The Denon DRA-395 and DRA-685 receivers have built in multi-zone features. The 685 includes a second remote for use in the other room. Both receivers have A and B speaker terminals while the remote in combination with a room sensor can operate the receiver at a distance. You can actually listen to more than one source at a time, i.e. a cdp in the main listening area and a tuner out on the deck. I'm not absolutely sure but I think the Rotel RX-1052 has a similar capability but you may have to purchase additional amps to make it work. The new Cambridge Audio integrateds are also set up for multi-zone use with A and B speaker terminals. I agree with Pabelson that the Denon and Yamaha receivers can hold their own with the NAD (at least with the C320 and C350 which I compared them to when I purchased my last receiver) and the Cambridge amps are equal to or better than the NAD. The Outlaw receiver could also be a solution but, right now, the other units mentioned are more readily available. Good luck.
All, thanks for your input. I have a couple of follow-up questions.

First, I should mention that my friend has the ability to buy the NAD products new at a very steep discount from an old friend in the business, so I am trying to stick with NAD amplification given the value that these components represent at this discount level.

Given that, I am wondering if there is a way to pair a second amplifier with the 320BEE to drive the pair of outside speakers. For instance, could the tape out portion of the tape loop circuit be used to feed a separate amp for this other "zone"? There would presumably be some sonic degradation due to the music signal passing through unnecessary circuitry, but we are talking about a ridiculously long run of low-grade speaker cable and a pair of mid-fi speakers in an outdoor situation so I really doubt that anyone could ever hear the difference...

Another thought would be to try to use the preamp out function on the 320BEE to feed a separate amp and these outdoor speakers. However, I suspect that the only way to get a preamp signal out of the unit is to break the link the amplifier section of the 320BEE integrated. Is this true?

Rich's idea of moving up to the C372 might well make the most sense, but, given that the cost of the C372 is more than double that of the 320BEE, I thought I would explore these other possibilities. The speaker switch box is probably the least expensive option, but I hesitate to put a switch in the path of the music signal for the main two-channel system.

Please give me your further thoughts on the above. And thanks for your help and your patience.

There is a middle ground ... the NAD C720BEE , the receiver version of the C320BEE. Price wise it's about mid way between the 320 & 372 and she gets a great tuner out of the deal.

Regards, Rich
Yes, you could use the tape output the way you propose, with a long interconnect. Make sure he gets a well-shielded one.

Hmm... if your pal is bent on using NAD for the sake of the deal he can get, what will he use for the remote amp? Another 320BEE? In that case, he might have the bucks to buy a C372.
It's a bit of a kludge, but you could use the tape out, or split the pre-out. (I presume NAD integrateds still have external couplers). But then you'll need another power amp, Can she really buy the 320BEE plus a second power amp for less than $350? If not, the Denon DRA-395 that Matt mentioned is probably the right tool for the job.