Question about my B&K reference 50 "Please help"

Well, I would sure appreciate any help I could get if someone could help me out. I purchased a new B&K reference 50 in May. I am running it with the B&K 200.5. My speakers are B&W nautilus HTM1, 803s(front), 805s (back). It has ran great since purchasing it in May, and has never been tampered with by anyone other than myself. Yet, Yesterday when the wife and I went into the media room.. Nothing would work... The reference 50 is hung on "PLEASE WAIT".. Its nonresponsive to the manual controls, as well as the remote control. I checked it again this morning, and it still says "please wait". I have read the owners manual cover to cover, and couldnt find anything within the manual itsself or the troubleshooting section, that referred to this problem.. any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Have you tried unplugging it? It may reset itself when you plug it back in.

Not to frighten you, but I hope you have a quality surge/line conditioner in the system. If not, then it's possible lightening or power surge could have damaged the unit.

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Turn it off at the main button. Unplug it. in fact, take the cord out of the IEC and leave it off for a bit. Plug the P/C back into the unit. Plug the cord back into the wall. Turn it back on at the power button. It's likely it'll reset. If not, off to B&K. I have a 307 receiver and I've had to do this a couple of times. Worked each time.
Just wanted to let you guys know that I tried unpluging it from both ends (no bueno)and I let it sit for about twenty five minutes. It is protected by a very handsome and expensive peice of equipment, and the DVD, AMP, Projector, and Satelite reciever all seem to be running fine. So I guess im sending my new baby back home for a visit ASAP. Many thanks to MT10425, Jamesw20,and sogood51, for the helpful advice. It has all been most appreciated.

Even though I don't have this unit I've read many posts concerning the Ref50. Do you have the latest firmware update.

You might find your answer here check: and follow the link to the B&K forum.

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