Question about ML SL3 and Accent i ???????Help???

OK, I have always wanted a pair of Martin Logan SL3 speakers and I am currently looking to purchase a pair. However, being that they are at least 7 years old now I have read that people have to replace the panels and that the sound is not the same?................................

Therefore, I have started to think about purchasing a pair of Accent i ( (A little newer for just a little more $$)) Then I think to the time I first heard the first Accent speakers (not the i) I was a little disappointed in the way they sounded ( a little dark and not as open of a soundstage as the SL 3).................................

Are their any owners or enthusiasts out there that can tell me how the Accent i sound and if the SL3 lost something when you changed the panels?

Thank you so much,
My Accent i's sound the opposite of what you heard. They are amazing speakers not dark sounding at all. The soundstage is huge, open and lots of detail. Voices sound so real you almost think the singer is in the middle of the room. Of corse it all depends on other factors as well, room placement, type of amp ss or tubes, cd playback, cables and other sources. Presently, I am running a AR tube amp that really matches well with my Accents. You really can't go wrong with the Accent i's. Just my personal opinion. You might want to go to here:
I am the original owner of a pair of SL3's from 99, and have never had any problem with the panel. These things are bulletproof for all I can tell. I can't compare them to the Accents, but I can say that the SL3's do require plenty of clean power to really open them up and get the best out of them. I found the Aerius i's to be much more forgiving, and yet were just as rewarding when fed well.

For the price, I don't think you will go wrong if your equipment is up to the task. Do note that if you have the money, the newer ML's like the Summit better integrate the stat panel and the woofer, and are more efficient.

Nonetheless, when I go to shows it's only rigs costing 10X what I've spent that sound better to me.

I'm using an ARC Ls-9 preamp, Bel Canto 200.2 bridged pair monoblock amps, Theta David transport, Bel Canto DAC1 with Harmonic Technology Truthlink Silver, Transparent Audio Musiclink Super IC's and Tara RSC Prime speaker cable and Zu Cable Birth Power cord.
Just got the panels replaced. It costs 500$ or so. They will sound as new. If anything, ML technology improved over the years.