Question about Metrum Octave and 192 kHz

I downloaded an album from HD Tracks at 24 bit, 192 KHz onto my iMac.
I play thru a Logitech Squeezebox Touch over a wireless network. The digital output from the Touch goes into a Metrum Octave DAC.
It plays the album !! Does this mean that my Metrum Octave DAC is working at 192 kHz ??
Does the SB Touch even output 192kHz signal ? It may by downsampling the signal without letting you know.

PS. Some Octave DACs indeed do 192kHz.
I believe it does.

My Metrum played 24/192 using a JKenny on my computer, but gets jarbled up over the Squeezebox Touch. If yours is operating as it should over the Touch, then I think you're one of the lucky few.
Elberoth2, I suspect you may be correct. The SB Touch is probably down sampling and outputting 96 kHz . I am considering updating the firmware on the SB Touch so that it will output 192 KHz.
Does anybody have any thoughts on the merits of upgrading the SB Touch to handle 192 kHz files? Is it worth the effort? Is 192 audibly better than 96 kHz?