Question about Meridian 808

In the recent issue of Stereophile there is an advertisement for the Meridian 808.2. Is the 808.2 a new manifistation of the 808? If it is, what changes/improvements does the .2 have? thanks, Jim
I saw that too, FWIW I couldn't find anything on their website and they weren't pushing it @ CES so I am not sure, maybe is was a typo and it was meant to be 808i, I don't know.
Thank you, Jppenn. I am the one that asked about the high turnover on Audiogon for selling Meridian 808. After seeing your posting I searched the Internet. Meridian is soon to issue the 808.2 with major equipment modification. So that explains why people run for the lives selling the 808 before the major price drop. It seems thus far we don't know how much all these equipment changes result in sound improvement. I am going to keep my 808 as is. For me it's too soon to dump this almost new player for the later model.
There is indeed a 808-2 that will be out any time. Working for a dealer, I have heard both and altho the new series 2 is an improvement, it certainly does not embarrass the first one, which is an excellent player! The new one is also 15K in price, a $2000 increase in list price. Otherwise,except for the sonic improvements, the machine looks and operates the same and uses the same remote.
Anybody else with new experience for sound difference between 808 and 808.2? I start to feel "under pressure" to take my decision whether to upgrade 808 to 808.2 because I am afraid 808 will be hard to sell for reasonable price once the 808.2 really catch the market... Right now, I can still get almost half of 808.2 price for my "old" 808, which is crazy considering that I bought 808 one year ago, but better than to get for it even less later on...
I just got my 808i.2 last week.
Serial Number is 808-200379 - Black.
I did not own the 808, so I cannot comment, but this new 808i.2 is a 'cracker of a cd player'
I have been trying to get some reviews, but nothing seems to have been written about it as yet.
Hence, I shall have to wait and see if what I 'hear' is on the same lines as what 'others' also hear ?
I apologize for posting a new thread seeking to comparison of the 808 with the 808.2. I had somehow missed this thread in a prior search on the subject.

Thanks to Walkingman for his reply. I do hope some other people who have compared the two units will notice one or the other thread and chime in.