Question about member selling (no ratings in last 12 months)

I just joined to buy my first component which was completed successfully.  I am interested in another product but the seller has no feedback for the last 12 months; however, the lifetime rating is all positive for over 25 sales.  

My concern is that according to the Audiogon marketplace site, the seller has feedback dating BEFORE he was noted to have joined by several years.  Also on the Audiogon forum site, it is noted that he only joined in 2018 whereas the feed back on the marketplace goes back to 2001, all under the same user ID.  

Does the discrepancy in dates cause concern?   I am asking only because I am new to Audiogon and may not understand completely how the dates are arrived at.
@ymc226  Send me an email to [email protected], attention: Tammy
and I can give you more details about this seller.