Question about Meadowlark E Floorstanders

Hi Everyone,

Not sure if anyone can answer but i thought i would ask. Would anyone know the recommended amplifier ratings for the Meadowlark Floor standing speakers. I have these setup as my fronts and am looking into amps and want to make sure i get something in the appropiate range. I do know that they are 4ohm speakers (thanks

Thanks in advance
I have a pair of Kestrel 2s that sound great powered by a Rogue Cronus integrated tube amp. The Cronus is rated at 55WPC into 8 Ohms. I also found that the 8 Ohm taps sounded better than the 4 Ohm ones, so in my experience they are very easy to drive. I do not biwire but use the jumpers that came with the Kestrels. Also I have no problem powering them to quite loud levels with this amp in a moderately sized room 15L X 12W X 8H.
Yeah my room is about the same (12L x 14W x 12H), I use the speakers for music and HT. And most amps I see are about 100watts into 8ohms and anywher from 150 to 200 watts into 4ohms. My concern is that i would damage the speakers, is that possible?
Provided you are using quality amplification that won't clip into the load afforded by the Meadowlark at the power levels you need in your room, it is better to have a more powerful amp than an under-rated one. It is usually amp clipping that causes the damage to the speakers when pushed. Personally, I can't imagine listening at levels that would damage my speakers, let alone my ears. Generally, 1 or 2 watts will be nominally loud enough, the extra watts are for the transients. How loud do you need to go? And how far away from the speakers will you be seated?
I do not need to go loud at all. I am just worried that high amperage could damage the speakers and i do not want to do that. Right now I am running an HK 7000, which is rated at 110 watsts, but doubt it is really that and am Looking at the the Audio Refinment 5 channel which i think is rated 180 into 4 ohms, and just want to make sure that the current would not damage the speakers (Not blow cause of volume).
i drive kestral 2's with jolida 60 WPC tube amp but used a NAD 170 WPC amp previously and yes they do not require the 4 ohm setting if you have a choice. the big NAD played them loud enough for nightclub use with no damage so forget about overpowering all together. you will leave room before clean power blows drivers! btw, if you are not into slamming rock bass i suggest you try tubes, they eliminated tiny dryness SS amps revealed with these speakers and added an uncommon smoothness at this price. just my opinion tho. good luck!