Question About Low Frequency Sounds

I came across the following info on the internet and I can't figure out whether it makes any sense or not.

Sound frequencies below 20Hz (even up to 30Hz) can directly affect states of consciousness. For those of you who don't know, our brains vibrate at different frequencies depending on the level of awareness (consciousness) we are in. Consciousness lies on a continuum. The scale is as follows:

.5-3Hz - Delta. This is the sleep state.
4-7Hz - Theta. The meditative/hypnotic state.
8-12Hz - Alpha. The "relaxed alert" state.
13-20Hz - Beta. Normal wakeful consciousness.
20-32Hz - High beta. Manic states.

Does anybody know anything about this? If true, it's implications on music reproduction could be profound.
Here's a link to a story on the BBC website about research regarding infrasonics and church organs. It concludes that low frequency sounds from church organs are responsible for a wide range of emotional responses that people may feel at religious ceremonies.
You guys understand that the EEG measures electrical wave patterns, not physical motion. Our bodies do vibrate, and the frequencies have more to do with the heart rate and the resonances of the different body cavities and chambers. The sound production of the voice is a very interesting science which is well described back to the 70's. I recall an article in Science back to that era when I was a serious voice student although I cannot quote you the date. The reason we feel different frquencies in different parts of our bodies have to do with these resonances, not to be confused with the chemo-electrical output of cental nervous and muscular tissues .