question about jolida amps

interested in people's opinion of jolida jd-502 crc or any of their other tube amps-thanks
I have the Jolida JD-502P amp and I really enjoy it. I've used KEF Q300 speakers with it primarily. I've used 6550, KT88 and even KT 120 power tubes with it. Preamp tube wise I've used all sorts of 12AX7 and 5751 type tubes. The 12AT7 tubes I've used with it are the Mullard CV4024 tubes or GE JAN 12AT7 tubes. You can easily tailor the sound to your liking with this amp. It is very responsive to tube rolling.

I would say the only speaker IME that it didn't power well were Ohm Walsh Short speakers.

Be sure to check the A'gon archives for more thoughts on the Jolida 502 amp and various integrateds. I believe there is also the Jolida JD-502B in addition to the 502CRC.
I can't speak to older Jolida stuff, but my nearly 2 year old 502p with the factory upgrade bits is very well designed, beautifully built, and sounds about half the retail cost of anything in its performance range. Current Jolida stuff might be dismissed by some snarky misinformed audio snobs perhaps due to the cost effective nature of these amps, but in spite of that they remain one of the great bargains in hifi.
Many years ago, I remember listening to a Jolida Integrated Amp (can't remember the model #) at a dealer hooked up to a pair of Martin Logan speakers that sounded absolutely fantastic; very natural, transparent and real, and this was a combo that I could have easily lived with long term, regardless of price.

The JoLida 502B was my intro to tubes thanks to John at Community Audio in Germantown PA. Had that unit for 10 years and put a lot of hours on it. It was reliable, robust and benefitted from tube rolling, HiFi Tuning Fuses and especially the very affordable JoLida Maryland factory upgrade. I liked it best with KT88s vs 6550s. I very much enjoyed that amp and only moved away from it to get some higher power mono blocks to drive Totem Forests. Hope you can find somewhere close by to audition the JoLida or other tube products you might be considering.
The Jolida JD 707A was a nice amp. It was offered only briefly but was a very nice, musical amp. If you find one on the used market you might consider it if it's 40wpc suits your needs.