Question about internet connection to streamer

Does the connection (wired or wireless) affect sound quality?
If using CAT 5 cable, is there a difference in “quality” between different cables?  Does the length of cable make a difference?
to avoid dropouts connect with a shielded ethernet cable.....shielded not generic and use a CAT7 ..... sonically I've never compared wired to wireless, IMO wired is always the better choice
Thanks tuberist!!

i am assuming cat 5 and cat 7 use the same connector??
This is a controversial subject. Many of us (and science) hold that any decent Ethernet cable will work. After all, audio has a relatively low data rate compared to modern Ethernet. I favor Cat 5e and Cat 6. Blue Jeans Cable tests and certifies their cables to meet specs. I have NEVER had dropouts or other problems using such cables. Nor do I find any appreciable difference between wired and wireless operation, but I can see that might depend on the devices you are using.

Shielded Ethernet cables have become popular with some audiophiles, but the shield can defeat the transformer isolation that otherwise cuts down on noise transmission in Ethernet connections. Is the cable in the walls shielded?

If some audiophiles didn’t find boutique cables worthwhile, there wouldn’t be a market for them. My advice is, try the basic ones first, and put the money you save into music, room acoustics, better gear, or taking your mate to a nice dinner.
I was using either a Cat5 or 6 (not sure), 10 ft, and experiencing occasional dropouts (maybe once every four hrs). 

Switched to a 3 ft Cat7 cable and haven’t had a dropout since. You can get an Amazonbasics cat7 for $8ish so just get shortest length run you can that’ll reach
 I use Supra Cat 8 from Sjofn Hi-Fi the North American distributor, I don’t know why it makes any difference however it does .
I did a careful listening test between wi-fi and a very long Cat 5 cable, and the cable was the clear winner.  I now use generic Cat 6 cable.   Bit the dust and made a small  hole in the floor for it.  Learned how to terminate.
when I went from non-shielded generic ethernet cable to a shielded, I heard an immediate and obvious change in sound that I liked: more detail, better spatial qualities etc. I was shocked but it was a short money expense to try a shielded cable. I stream all my music from Qobuz with a Lumin
I do want to add that defective Ethernet cables are more common than one might think. I wasted about a day troubleshooting a problem before finding a defective generic Cat 5e cable. When I replaced the cable with another Cat 5e cable, the problem was solved.

After that, I bought an inexpensive network cable tester from Amazon. It will not test data rates but at least does a thorough job of checking continuity and correct wiring.