Question about in home AV DIY calibration.

Hope this question fits the topic section.

20+ years ago there was a homebrew DIY way of calibrating your av gears via a DVD called Video Essentials - I am sure most are familiar with it.

Is there a updated version in some flavor - be it an app etc... so one can calibrate video monitor ( tv, projector etc ) without having to invest in ISF consults or purchasing Spyder calibration tools?

You can still get it, now updated for BluRay:



Is this still considered the 'standard' go-to option outside of ISF or actual hdw calibration devices?

Or is forking out the money for a spyder type calibration tool a better route?
I think it's a very good option. The one issue I have run into isn't the quality of the DVD/Blu Ray but some options on TV's are not normally available.

Let's face it, with most TV's you are making a judgement call no matter what.

You may want to search for your TV model and "calibration" to see what others have experienced.


Will do - not sure why I didn't think of checking the internet for calibration data for my tv :)

Many years ago I bought new TV that had horrible, unnatural, oversaturated and over-contrasted picture.  I found detailed settings (a lot of them) for this TV on internet and typed it all in.  Picture is great now.  It is possible that person who posted it used calibration tool.