Question about Hegel H95 DAC input

Good day everyone,

I just welcome a new Hegel H95 into my living room. First 3 days it seem very promising, love the sound and how easy it s to listen to music via Airplay with very very good quality.

But my itch start on how to get the best out of this Hegel.

I have Bluesound Node 2i but I suspect the coax cable I have now is not so good, when connect to Hegel the treble sound at the end of vocal sound seem un focus and not as silence as when Airplay directly through Hegel.

I wonder whether I should buy a new Coax or new USB cable that can give me the best sound quality out of this system.

1) New Coax (Maybe Tellurium Q Blue II): To put between Node 2i and Hegel. Play the music by Airplay2 into Node 2i.
Still wonder is this a good idea when I can Airplay to Hegel directly with great sound already.

2) New USB Type C to B (Maybe Audioquest Carbon) : To directly connect my iPad Pro (2018) Type-C port into Hegel.
Is it even possible to connect without Apple Type-C to A cable? And do I getting 24/96 max bit rate when the song is? (Apple Music)

Actually at the moment Im really please with how it sound just by Airplay to the Hegel. Just wonder this two options which should I go next.

My system:
Hegel H95
NHT Classic 2 with Supra Ply 3.4s speaker cable
Bluesound Node 2i with JPS Labs Ultraconductor 2 Analogue RCA cable
Yulong D100 II (Dont think Im goona use this DAC anymore)

Thanks in advance,



Wanna update on the USB cable, I just purchase a Audioquest Carbon C to B cable today.

I can just connect directly to the Hegel H95 using one cable without Apple CCK needed and when playing hi res music from Apple Music the screen on the front show the bitrate correctly according to the song. (Max at 24/96kHz)

But when play from Android device also using the same cable, it only shows 48kHz.

All in all I’m quite satisfy with this two options USB and Airplay.