Question about grounding?do i need one to stop hum

the area i live in is comprised mainly of older homes, many which only have the two prong outlets, i am currently using an integrated amp and cd player and a richard gray 400, when i plug the cd player in i get a large amount of hum compared to what i'm used to, i've tried experimenting with cord and cheater plugs (i always have to use these b/c of the outlets) and plugging one thing into the wall and the other into the gray unit and so forth. I rent so any rewiring work is out of the question. any advice, do i need to ground one component?, i'm just looking for any way to quiet the hum a little-thanks-mike
Are you connecting a cable to your system? I had a hum from my incoming cable that went away with disconnecting it. A mondial magic box will fix this, if this is the culprit.
yes i have the units connected, it is when they are connected and the amp set to the cd input that the hum is worst-thanks
Clingman is referring to cable TV, which is often a source of hum. BTW, if your house is old enough to have the metal armored cable with the solid wire inside for wiring, then just changing the outlet itself to a 3 wire will usually give you a ground.
i do not have cable tv but i will definetly try changing the outlet-thanks
Run a length of zip cord or other wire from a ground point on your integrated amp to a ground point on your CD player. This may help. Any screw that runs through the chassis should work.

i switched the outlet and hooked up the ground wires that were run with the other wire, though i do not know if these are actually grounded, either way i still have the hum, also forgot to mention i have tried changeing interconnects, i will try running a wire between the the two chassis-thanks