Question about Gallo Ref III

Just curious. How does the bass module work? If I have an integrated amp will it power all drivers? Or do I HAVE to own a seperate amp for the sub? Does the amp have to have crossover controls?

I have read numerous reviews about how good the speaker is - and then they go on about how after they hook up the bass module how much better it is...why wouldnt this be a priority in the first place? makes not sense.
the bass module, as you call it, is a second voice coil in the woofer.

basic setup of this speaker is to wire the top terminals to your amplifier (this is the full range connection).

the bass module would be hooked up with a separate amplifier (after a low pass filter of some type)... so yes, you need a separate amplifier (gallo makes thier Reference SA that includes the low pass filter & amplifier)

happy listening,
' yes, you need a separate amplifier...' for the SECOND voicecoils. You do NOT need more than one channel of amplification for ONE full-range speaker. Only if you want more bass output would you get a 2nd amp, etc.

Thanks for the correction. Of course you are correct.

I ran without the second amplifier for almost a year (until the Ref SA was released)--the speaker sounds great that way (just rolls off the sub-40 Hz bass)