Question about Fitting Z Plugs to Speaker cable??

First off I should say I'm new to this so sorry if the termionology is off.

I have these LFD Z plugs. The way they work is you fit the bare wire in to the plug and screw it down with two set screws, no crimping and no soldering, then the LFD metal casing screws on top of that for cosmetics.

My question is, won't the wire eventually oxidize becaue it is not air tight.

For a pic of the plug I included a link below:
Eventually? Yes the wire will oxidize and corrode, what doesn't? I recently purchased a used pair of expensive cables that were a few years old. When I removed one of the banana connectors the amount of corrosion was much more than expected. These cables connectors had been crimped, soldered and wrapped in shrink tube and still corroded. It's a matter of time and environmental factors. With the connectors you're using it would be easy to remove any corrosion by cutting off affected wire and reterminating.
Thank you for the response. I really appreciate it.