Question about entry level tables..Debut/CJ Walker

Hello, I've been on a vinyl purchasing spree for years now, I just can't stop it, now I feel that I need a better table (and eventually everything) for my records and ears. I'm debating about purchasing a Pro-ject Debut III. Seems like a decent table that I will grow out of but will be hassle-free and work well for sometime. I also found a CJ Walker Mark 1 Turntable with a MAS 282 arm and an Astatic MF-300 Moving Flux Cartridge. I can't find much info on that set-up but I'm curious about it and not sure if I'd be better with that than the Debut. The Walker also comes with an iso-base by Seashell acoustics....Anyone have any opinions on these tables or any other tables in that range?
I would go with the Pro-ject Debut III or MMF 2.2 or Rega P2. All are about the same price and offer similar performance. Good luck.
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Just for your information, the Astatic mf 100/200 are good cartridges. Have not heard the 300. Condition of the used equipment would be important. From Viridan's description it sounds like a good table to learn turntable setup on, to get the most out of all that vinyl your buying.

Stay out of my stores or you might get hurt. Those records are mine. LoL.
I have a Debut III. You can usually get these from NeedleDoctor for at least 10% off list if you ask. Also, They run the gloss white on closeout from time to time. I picked up mine for less than $300 a few months back.

That said, the Debut III is NOT compatible with MC cartridges unless you upgrade to the acrylic platter. If I were doing it again with the Debut III, I would either upgrade the stylus to the Ortofon 20 series or have NeedleDoctor swap out the cartridge for an Ortofon 2M Red.

Also, with the Debut III, the SpeedBox II makes the table sound significantly better. A pretty cheap upgrade when the time comes.

So, I would do the following:

Get a DebutIII and bundle the stylus upgrade. You should be able to get it for around $450. Take it out of the box, adjust the arm balance and tracking force and you're listening in 5 minutes!

Don't forget the usual accessories: carbon fiber brush, stylus brush, and a bunch of LP's.

Thanks for the input guys. I think the Debut is going to be the choice for now. I still can't any info on the MK1 from Walker. I'm sure it would be more than adequate and possibly with the right adjustments a better table than the Debut, but getting it off craigslist I can't really be certain of the shape it's in. There's also an ad for a refurbished Thorens TD-160 that is posted here. It sure is a handsome table I'm going to do some research on that baby to see how it would compare to the Debut.
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