Question about Dyno 1.3SE and the new S 1.4???

I listed to the Dyno S1.4 today and thought is sound great. However, I did notice a little brightness and listening fatigue after 30 minutes of play.
I have yet to hear the 1.3SE, but I have heard so many wonderful comments about the speaker.

My question is - How do the two compare? what is the difference of the two, and what is you opinion on the 1.3SE (sound characteristics)

Thanks so much
The Dynaudios are very system dependant, and with bright room and / or bright electronics, will be fatigueing over time, and ultimately a mismatch.

However, with the right eleectronics, the S1.4s and other Dynaudios are completely non-fatigueing to listen to. What electronics did you hear them on?

As to whether the 1.4 is better than the 1.3SE... Yes, but not by a very wide margin. If price is the same, I would choose the one you like the looks of better. They both are excellent sounding.
I heared the S1.4 hooked-up to a Bryston amp. It sounded a little fatigueing over time. Can you recommend a perfect matching amp?

Also, the new S1.4 sells for $2800 and the S1.3SE sell for $3500. Is it possible (from what I hear from people)that the S1.4 has better defined bass?