Question about Dynaudio 1.3SE and the new S 1.4??

I listed to the Dyno S1.4 today and thought is sound great. However, I did notice a little brightness and listening fatigue after 30 minutes of play.
I have yet to hear the 1.3SE, but I have heard so many wonderful comments about the speaker.

My question is - How do the two compare? what is the difference of the two, and what is you opinion on the 1.3SE (sound characteristics)

Thanks so much
I have listened to the S1.4 in a system (Bryston/ARC/Arcam/Tara) that previously had the 1.3SE in it, and the sound was definitely improved with the newer speaker. The S1.4 was reportedly the replacement for the 1.3SE, and the system seemed more refined, more dynamic and more natural. I would never say it was bright nor fatigued, though they also seem more revealing so perhaps something in a recording or in the system was being shown? Anyway, if you think the 1.4 is good - listen to the C1!Its amazing that small speakers can sound so good.
Matt will anybody's experiences with the two of these convince your tympanics of what they hear and enjoy? "sound great, however, I did notice a little brightness and listening fatigue" You call that great? Well you could always listen to your rig for 30 minutes at a time. Keep listening and you'll gain confidence in what you hear. If you listen to the 1.3SE and cannot make out a difference: you're in the wrong hobby. Play the tunes you know and love when you audition, and let your ears take it from there. peace, warren
I have experienced the top end brightness with the Dyn 1.4s both times I've auditioned them. Associated equipment was McIntosh MA 6900 and ML Integrated which IMO, are not bright in their presentation. Digital front and was the top line Rega and can't recall the other but it was on the pricey side.

The 1.3SEs have a smoother top end plus I didn't experience the mid-range magic of the SEs with the 1.4s.

How loud were you playing the music? Its real easy to either clip amplifiers or just play the speakers too loud and the fatigue was not from the tonal balance but just too much SPL.

In a listener test, B&W N805 Vs Countour 1.3.

20 listeners said that at avg. 101dB @(1m) of output the Dynaudio sounded as loud as the B&W's which had been played at 95dB @ (1m). That's 6dB!

Just do a search for numbers on noise and hearing damage and then whenh you go back check how loud you were listening to the system.

Having the SPL number will also let you know if amplifier clipping is a problem.

Seen this before, a "bright" Dynaudio speaker doesn't exist
I have heard the 1.3SEs through both a McIntosh 6500 and a Blue Circle BS24 Integrated amp. The 1.3SEs sounded much better through the blue circle. The McIntosh is not the type of amp to induce listener fatigue and the 1.3SEs are already plenty detailed but not sharp. So if the 1.4s sound a little sharp through them, for your preference they are sharp. Some people like their music that way. You already know what you like to hear.

Judging from your tastes, the blue circle will take you even more in the direction you want to go. Clear, open, beautiful, non-fatiging. The blue circle does not have the grain of the Mac and extends the highs even a little more than the Mac without fatigue and has a rich midrange as well. Happy listening.