Question about DTS on Integra DTR 8.2

I'm a beginner trying to get my first setup finished. I recently purchased an Integra DTR 8.2 receiver, and now have my Millenium DTS Decoder sitting unused on my rack. Do you think the Millenium decoder would work better than the one built into my Integra receiver. Also another quick questions, my Yamaha DVD-C920 has a built in dts decoder, as does my Integra DTR 8.2 How does the system decide which DTS Decoder to use? and which one of the three would be best?
Everything has to be DTS to work, meaning your DVD unit has to be DTS compatable aswell as your Reciever, it is not a matter of choice as to wich one you use, they all work in "concert" no that you have a DTS reciever and a DTS DVD player, I dont think the Millenium unit is really more than a paper weight at this point, although I dont really know what it is I can bet it was an add on Decoder to give an older unit DTS ability, now that you have all DTS capable equipment it is sadly a paper weight.
Thanks for the quick response and the tips. I wont be hooking up the Millenium DTS decoder. I understand that both the dvd player and receiver need to be DTS compatible to work, but the receiver has a built in decoder as well as the yamaha dvd player. I was wondering which decoder would be actually doing the decoding. I would think it would be one or the other, not both. maybe i'm wrong
You can use only the DVD DTS decoder if you have multi-channel analog outputs and use the multi-channel selection on your receiver. I have seen someone saying how bad it is to do this in other posts, but I do it for concert DVD's and it works fine.
The DTS is decoded by the DVD player, and accepted by the DTS compatable Reciever, it is not that both decode it, it is the fact that both will produce it.
Ok awesome! Thanks again guys!
The receiver detects a DTS encoded source and decodes it. So if you have a receiver and DVD player with analog multi-channel inputs/outputs you can choose to have the DVD decode the DTS bitstream (send it analog to the receiver and have the receiver play throu the SACD or 7.1 input), or have the receiver get the digital signal and then decode the bitstream.
Thanks guyse for the help!