Question about digital outputs

Ok....I KNOW this is likely a dumb question since I am not all that well versed in digital stuff. 

So I just got a new integrated, including DAC. I wanted to run from the digital out on my SACD player (bypassing it's DAC) to the amp. But the player won't send the signal to the dig out when playing an SACD. It does with regular CD. According to the manual, this is  by design. So why is that? Again, I know there must be a logical reason but, as I said, I'm not knowledgeable about digital.

PS...the player is a Marantz.


Coy protection that is inherent in SACD licensing.  The only output options are analog and HDMI, in the vast majority of cases.  What player is it?

That’s the way Sony designed SACD. PS Audio is the only one I know of that worked around it. Is it worth $6500 to you?

Yes... I ran into same problem. I connected digital and analog outputs ... just change to the analog input to listen to SACD.

Ah....I knew you guys would have the answer. It's not really an issue since I can have both connection. It's just weird though.

kr4 it's just a Marantz 8004


And no...not worth $6500 LOL


sacd/dsd... we havin’ fun yet?

this is why smart folk work to get pcm to sound really good, be done be happy enjoy the music with no worries

The best sounding CDs I have are HDCD. Even if the player doesn't decode it. I have one that does, fortunately.