Question about Denon 2900 vs. 3910

Are theses machines basically the same ? If not, what are the main differences ? Thanks.
I don't have eithor one but from what I read the 3910 is definally a improvment in picture and fidelity.
The 3910 has digital video outs; the 2900 does not. I am sure there are other diffs.
I am told the transport is superior in the 3910. It certainly makes less noise. While I have had neither unit stock, the Exemplar mods on the 3910 far surpass those on the 2900. The 2900 is discontinued.
Wow...I am surprised nobody gave you more details on this. In a nutshell, the 3910 is basically the 5900 performance (with better video I might add) at less than half the cost. The 2900 is nowhere near the caliber of the 3910. Trust me, I own both!

here are some reading for you:

Secret's review:
Follow to the review:

Audioholics Review:
Their player of the year:

Finally, here are some of the awards the 3910 has garnered thus far...just a sample:

Yes, the 2900 is a bulletproof performer, but the 3910 is at this moment the best player out there, lb for lb (or shall I say, $ for $)
Great research Ssabripo and thanks.
Here is The Absolute Sound review on the 2900, (in a nutshell; the audio quality has to catch up with the surperb video. They praise the 2200 though).
I like my modified (Exemplar) 3910 but the new Denon 5910 clearly is superior both in audio and video. If you are into video, which I am not, this is the universal player for you, as judged by all the video reviews I have read.
TAS reviews are dated when they come out. The 5910's video puts all others to shame including all earlier and continuing Denon units. I worry about having a 5910 around since its video is so good that I might be tempted to look into HT even though I want nothing of it.
That's correct...the 5910 is a completely different animal! It is the best overall Player in the market bar has the Teranex chipset (unlike the 3910 which has the Faroudja FLI2300 chipset), and has the best audio DACs Denon has put out to date.

The 3910, however, is an improved version of the now discontinued 5900, with much better filtering to prevent Macroblocking on certain displays, and at half the cost, is quite simply a steal! Read the Secret's reviews I posted will enjoy them.