Question about Dared VP-300b

Hello, I am entering the world of tube Amplifiers and have a Dared VP-300b on its way. Currently I am using a Peachtree Nova and Zu Omens, which I am quite happy with, but was longing for a little bit warmer midrange.
I noticed that the VP-300b Quasi-Monoblocks have a volume control for each Amplifier(for when they are used with a single input source without preamp, I guess).
I will be using the Peachtree Nova as a DAC and preamp, which will also control the volume. What should I set the the Volume control on the Quasi-Monoblocks to?
Maybe a silly question, but it is a new world for me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Set the volume control at max on the VP300b. I use a Dared VP20 the same way with the volume at max. It works well. Enjoy your new amp.
Thank you, Timrhu. It should only be a few more days until it arrives.