Question about CD recorders

I'm about to buy a CD recorder. I've been advised to buy a "pro" instead of a "consumer" model, in part because consumer models will permit you to make only one copy of a CD. Is this true, and can anyone explain how this works? Is the sensing/limiting mechanism or device (that would permit only one copy to be made) in the CD recorder or in the CD that's being copied? Does it apply to all pre-recorded CDs (say, to ones made 15-20 years ago), or just to ones made in more recent years, since the advent of CD recorders? If it's true that "consumer" CD recorders have this only-one-copy limitation, is it also true that "pro" models don't have this limitation? Any illumination on this subject would be welcome. Thanks.
Here is what I found on the internet that will help you

How does SCMS work?

SCMS stands for "Serial Copy Management System" and is the way copies of digital music are regulated in the consumer market. In essence, it prevents more than one generation of digital copying. It is implemented through information that is added to the stream of data that contains the music when one makes a digital copy (a "clone"). When making an analog copy only the music is transferred so there is no SCMS, and copying is totally unrestricted.
Decks considered "professional" -- usually more expensive and with pro features, such as balanced XLR input/output -- are exempt from needing SCMS. Different manufacturers' pro decks behave differently: some allow one to set the SCMS code how one wishes, some only if the pro i/o is used, and some ignore it completely.

SCMS Bit Definitions:

Bits Meaning Explanation
---- ------------ ----------------------------
00 Permitted No restrictions at all
11 Restricted Allow 1 generation
10 Prohibited Do not allow copies

SCMS Operation on consumer decks:

Source Recorded on copy
-------------- --------------------------------
Analog input 11
CD 10
Digital, 00 11 or 00 (depending on model)
Digital, 11 10
Digital, 10 Will not record

Dubbing MD to MD with SCMS:

Play Deck Connection Record Deck SCMS Problem?
-------------- ------------- -------------- --------------
Consumer MD Digital Pro MD No
Pro MD Digital Consumer MD No
Pro MD Digital Pro MD No
Consumer MD Digital Consumer MD Yes
any MD Analog any MD No

SCMS does not limit the number of times you can copy a certain CD or MD. For instance, you can make 20 copies of a CD - you just can't copy any of the 20 copies.

It is ironic that if SCMS is to prevent unauthorized duplication of copyrighted information it has the above loopholes that a professional ripoff artist can easily use. And it is unfortunate that supposedly legitimate users, such as musicians recording their own music on cheaper, consumer decks, are restricted in the number of generations they can copy their music. [jfw/rg]

A pro recorder is hard drive based allowing you to break information into tracks before burning. This is important if you are recording vinyl to CD. As such, they will burn generic blank disks saving you money versus the music CDR's. The pro recorders will also record at a high bit rate if that makes any difference to you.
Yes, well said fellow Audiogon`ers. IF you want a
consumer unit, look for a Pioneer PDR-w839. I have that
unit, it works out well for what I need it to do.
It has a Keyboard input for inputting CD-Text.
IF you want a pro-unit, look for a Sony 66, that unit has
the balanced ins and outs. The Sony 33 is for sale
through Musician Freind online catalog for less than
$600, the Sony 66 unit will cost you more.
If you want to burn CD`s for you and some friends,
go with the Pioneer PDR-839, this sells on ebay for less
than $300, IF you`re going to burn CD`s for you, friends,
their friends, and sell alot more online,
than go with the pro-units, for over $650.
Both of the Sony units have CD-Text input as well.
Thanks, guys. I appreciate your inputs.