Question about Cary Audio Cables...


Does anybody know something about Cary Audio Cables? Had an opportunity to hear or compare them to other cables? Would they be a good choice... Tell me what do you think.

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To the best of my knowledge, there are no Cary Audio branded cables. Cary is a Kimber dealer and sometimes makes special application ICs etc. for its customers. For example, they make up special ICs to biamp with Rocket 88 and V12i amps. I have seen these and they are constructed of Kimber cable they buy in bulk.
Hi, Claud!

Thanks! But there are Cary Audio cables. I've had the interconnects in my music system for a short while(with some others at the same time) and favoured them (besides my Monster M1000i)! Are they made of Kimber wire I really don't know.
I know there are speaker cables from them also(will have a opportunity to hear them) but don't know anything else about them.

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Hi, people!

The speaker cables Cary Audio was offering at that time are no longer available. That answers my question...