Question about buyer action...

I have an add running for a component. The add does not state state free shipping as it is set up for buyer to pay his own actual shipping. Size and weight of component was listed as well as a carrier local to me. Buyer messaged asking if I would include shipping in the price as he was not comfortable using a VISA on line for the label. I replied back I was not interested in changing the add and preferred to leave it as advertised. He then purchased the item via Paypal and added the estimated shipping cost with NO INSURANCE to the Paypal amount. So now when I go to the buyer generated shipping label, it ask me for a VISA to pay for it.  I am not comfortable with the way this was handled, so I attempted to call the number he had listed. It is a place of business that is closed. So far he has not responded to my A-gon messages. I am inclined to dispute this sale. What does everyone think?...
Create your own shipping label via PayPal.
The buyer just contacted me and explained the A-gon system processed the sale and shipping price together before payment was made via Paypal. So the shipping label was paid for, even though it was attempting to charge me again in order to print it out. He also said he wanted insurance, but did not see an option for it during the checkout process. We agreed I would add insurance and we will square up and continue going forward. Thanks for everyones
I would contact Audiogon with the information, just to be sure everything turns out as expected.
@mlo97, If it would help, contact [email protected], Attention: Tammy Holt, and I will be glad to help or intervene.