Question about budget IEM'S

i'm in search of sub-65$ IEMs for listening from my laptop and iPhone.

- Most of my music is in MP3 (though some is in FLAC), and all of it is from the past 15 years.
- I listen to mostly (70%) punk and pop-punk, but also a few indie rock, acoustic, folk rock, lo-fi, alternative, and hardcore bands. It's usually guitar/vocals driven.
- I prefer earphones with a very slight V shape in frequency. I find myself enjoying the iTunes "Rock" equalizer with the 3-4 cheap earphones I've tried though I'm not sure if this will still hold up for 40-60$ earphones. I also don't like it when vocals are too recessed (Klipsch Image S3 was a bit recessed for me)
- Worn straight down
- Has to have strong strain relief/housing entry, Klipsch Image S3 had a weak housing entry and the pair broke in two weeks :(
- Isolation is definitely a plus. Not looking for perfection but enough so that people next to me usually won't hear it.
- Not tangling is a bonus but not that important

I spent about an hour looking at Head-Fi's multi IEM review and found three I think I'll like a lot (based on that and a few other reviews), but I'm open to other suggestions.
Astrotec AM-90 (how are the vocals on these? - everything else seems perfect)
VSonic GR99
Xears XE200PRO (some people have said everything gets drowned out in the bass, confirm/deny?)

thank you in advance :)