Question about B&W 801

I am thinking about buying a B&W 801. I have listened to a Matrix Series 2, and was impressed by the bass response. My question is: what is the difference between Matrix Series 2, Series 3, and between those and the much more expensive Nautilus 801? Also, what's the difference between the 801 series and the Nautilus 802? Thanks.
Series 3 is better than the 2 ( in my opinion ), Also feel the 802 series 3 is pretty close..The 802 may be a little easier placement wise..Also maybe tighter bass,but not quite as deep...801/series 3 is one of the best speakers B&W ever made..The new Megabuck B&W are nice but for the money, the 801/3 Matrix can't be beat...If you can find a nice pair grab em! The Anniversary model 801 ( matrix also ) is also nice speaker...........
I am biased but the N801's are worth it at about twice the price of the Matrix 801. I have listened to the Matrix 801 S3 and my N801's are much more natural and smoother sounding (at least in my system).

The 802 has a smaller woofer area and works better in smaller rooms than the N801.
Frank Van Alstine ( of Van Alstine Audio) apparently found a problem with the crossover in the S2 801's yrs. ago; engineered a fix, and B&W upgraded the crossover in the S3. He is usually very open to discuss this with 'Goner's. His number is on his AVA Hifi website and he usually answers himself.
I have read the S3 crossover is a significant improvement; I have an earlier model (the 801 Series 80), more primitive but still very enjoyable and there is no listener fatigue at all. The bass is full but somewhat 'loose'; these speakers eat up the power amps so make sure there is plenty of juice to these babies. They sound better at mid or higher volumes. Good luck.
the crossover is different. I have the limited edition matrix 801's that say "abbey road " on them. They have the series 2 crossovber and tweeter. I changed the crossovers to northcreek which smoothed them out a lot.

Now this doesn't make them more neutral. If speakers were truly neutral and full range they might be kind of unpleasant to listen to

To me the later matrix 801's are more precise up the freq range than the N series, but the N series smoothed out the top a lot which is easier for less than stellar program material.

801's were very popular in recording studios as reference monitors for their type of sound and how it translated, but as always it is a matter of personal taste.