Question about audiophile DC cables

Hello guys
I'm thinking about trying some audiophile DC cables for my Linear Power Supplies that feed my digital rig, wich has several stages and all of them improve the sound quality to some extent (an issue for another topic).

I would like to know if any of you have tried "audiophile" DC cables such as Oyaide vs regular ones and what were your impressions.

Please some rules before answering:

1. Post only if you believe (as I do) that cables make a difference. Please don't turn this discussion into cable believers vs snake oil.

2. Post an answer only if you have "direct" experience on the subjet or if you have more questions or valuable information to add about it.

3. Don't transform this thread into a technical one talking about impedances, capacitance, skin effect, etc. Some technical information is ok, but we are not electrical engineers to start a science debate. I don't buy specs, I buy gear that sounds good to my ears.


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Ghent audio. By far the best value for money in DC cables. I almost never “peddle” China stuff, but this one I do