Question About Audiogon Marketplace

Hello All,
I've had an account for about a year, with no transactions yet.  I recently made an offer on an item in the marketplace.  The offer is still pending review, however I had a question about an icon that appears on my dashboard/buying view.  On the "Buying" page I can see the listing for the item I made the offer on, the offer I made, and the number of days left.  To the left of all of this there is an red triangle icon with an exclamation mark in it.  When I move the cursor over it, it reads: "This listing requires your attention".  I can't seem to figure out what needs my attention, and am wondering if my offer actually went through.  Everything besides that icon would indicate it has.  Can anybody help me with what this icon means, or if any action is required?  BTW, in this same view, under the listing, it does read "Your offer is pending review", which is why I'm assuming the offer went through.  Just wanted to make sure though.
Thanks All!