Question about Audio Refinement

Do the Audio Refinement separates sound the same as their integrated amp? In other words, is the midrange as good in the saparates as it is in their single box?
Only you cab=n make this decision in the end, try and audition both. Your ears will tell you.
They are different. My Multi-3 amp was quite veiled and soft in comparison to my Complete integrated. The circuit design is also very different.
I really enjoy the Complete.
Sorry that I cannot comment on their seperates, but I did have a Complete integrated and still think it is a steal at its price, I enjoyed it very much.
I used to own the complete for about 8 to 10 months a few years back. I regret selling that little gem. Arguably one of the best midrange ever on a solid state integrated.
If anyone has an AR complete and is considering selling it, please contact me.