Question about Audio Note E SPe HE


I was about to purchase a pair of AN-E SPE HE . I just found out that Audio Note also makes a signature version for the HE model with external crossover. I would like to understand if the signature version is a significant upgrade over the base model? Is it worth pursuing? What are the advantages of external crossover?
I understand only my ears can tell but I can’t find a pair to listen to unfortunately.
Please share your thoughts and impressions. Thank you for your time.

According AN website:

"AN-E/SPe HE: AN-SPe17 or on later models AN-SPe19 silver internal cabling, silver voice coils.

(Description available only for non-HE)
AN-E/SPe Signature: AN-SPe17 or on later models AN-E/SPe19 silver cable connecting to external crossover with Audio Note™ copper foil signal capacitors, silver voice coils."

First of all it's very likely few have heard the Signature model of the HE, I very much doubt most AN dealers would keep that model on the floor. I will say from what I know of AN that yes the Signature model with the outboard crossovers will be a step up from the Spe/HE. Not just do you get the outboard crossover you also get upgraded components in the crossover and perhaps elsewhere. The relevant question to me is at what cost? AN doesn't publish pricing on their products, from what I know of AN pricing it wouldn't surprise me if the Signature upgrade increased the cost of the speakers by 50% or even more. I assume you are working with a dealer have they given you their thoughts on the matter?
Hi Jond, 

I actually auditioned the top of the line AN-E Spx Signature. The dealer didn't have the base AN-E SPe HE model. Yes, the Sig. HE costs twice as much as the SPe/HE. AN website also shows a AN-E LX signature model. Wondering what the difference is between LX & SPe.
writeface according to my dealer Vu he finds the Spe bright and prefers the LX. He says you need to go up to the Spx to avoid the brightness. Again that's just his opinion but I trust his ears implicitly.
Good luck and please keep us posted I think you'll end up very happy regardless of which model you choose!