question about an eBay seller

I hope this isn't inappropriate. There's a seller on eBay that posts ads relatively often for stereo equipment, much of it familiar high-end stuff. Sonus Faber, Macintosh, Bryston, B&W, etc. They have a low opening bid ($1) and make it clear that anyone can make an offer through their website; if it's accepted, they'll take down the eBay ad. 

The ads usually offer little information about the item ("excellent" or "nice") and instead have a multi-colored, big-font explanation: "This is a stock liquidation, I have closed my business (pawnshop). Stock Liquidation. Make an offer and we will close the auction for you." The seller ships from California. Thousands of 100% positive reviews. But ... the link for the seller's profile identifies the company as a motorcycle parts company in the UK. 

And sometimes it looks completely fishy. They are currently listing a Bryston 4B3 right now. And at the same time there is a second ad, clearly the same ad and same picture, apparently from Hong Kong (but the same California shipping address). 

Has anyone waded in or tried to contact them--or looked at their "store"? I'm assuming it's all ??? but, if so, I'm baffled by how they can operate so long on eBay. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding what's going on. Obviously it's not a big deal but, well, I'm curious. Hackers? 

If this is outside the policies of this forum, please delete, ye gods of Audiogon!
@rsf507 , you're absolutely right. I'll do it. 

And just in case I wasn't being clear, I had no interest in buying from them. I wasn't looking for advice on the traps of used purchases, though I appreciate the concern. I just figured that I wasn't the only one out here landing on their ads (via hifishark, eg) and was curious if anyone had tried to contact them, etc. I've noticed their ads for a while and I can't imagine why eBay tolerates it; they must have some algorithm to detect this stuff. 
I used to report every listing of theirs I saw. Ebay does not tolerate them and they prompt in removing their postings. I honestly don't know how they are able to keep opening new accounts all the time. They're bums.
I saw those ads before from the same seller you are taking about, not just hifi gears, collector wathces too. A day later, all the ads got deleted.
LOL Log on have THEM get a hold of the FBI or ATF or the doggone CIA with the winning bid.. Have them give a shipping address, Federal Penitentiary Fort Leavenworth, KS, 66027