Question about Aesthetix cartridge demagnetizer...

I just picked one up and the instructions say to connect the tonearm cable to the Aesthetix unit and start the process of cartridge demagnezitation. Question...can I use another cable (just easier then unplugging my tonearm cable from my phono amp) to connect the cartridge and the Aesthetix unit? Must it be the same cable? In other words.... does the cable need to get zapped by the Aesthetix unit as well??
It should work fine. There is a theory that says the cable will also become magnetized, but I don't much subscribe to that. One thing that I don't think is covered in the instructions is that the tonearm should be in the down position--have the needle resting on an LP (not moving). This centers the coil (assuming an MMC) and therefore should give the best results for demagnetizing. Some people have even used this unit while playing the Cardas sweep record and swear by it. I have tried this and can't tell any difference between just doing the Aesthetix resting on an LP and playing it in conjunction with the Cardas--although the test is virtually impossible because once you've done one the effects of the other are minimal or non-existent.
Thank you Rives for the tip on needle/cartridge position on the lp, i did not know that.

I would suggest using a different cable. In my experience, it sounded better to demag only the cart. This may be because of my particular cable, though. It is a Hovland Microgroove 2 (MG2). On the Active Designers Refs, it seemed to make no discernable difference if it was demag'd or not. The Hovlands became very thin and blah sounding. After a few weeks they returned to what I thought they should sound like.

Being an engineer, I am always looking for empirical data to support my listening beliefs. My fear was that I had just grown accustomed to the sound of the MG2 in its lesser state. So, I foolishly re-demag'd the MG2. It was tinny and shallow again after the process. It wasn't my imagination.
I now use an old Kaleidoscope cable I no longer use for listening with the Demagnetizer.

While it may not help to answer the question, the unit is a good unit and does what is advertised to do on MC cartridges.

Best Regards.