Question about Active Bi-amping

Curious about Active Bi-Amping.

My understanding is that to setup an actual active Bi-Amp (with compatible speakers), you would need either 2 mono block amps per speaker or 2 stereo amps and a External Crossover?

Would the Crossover in the Speaker need to be bypassed or removed?


If you were to do Passive Bi-Amping, you would connect each amp directly to the speaker terminals but how would you connect the Amp Signal connections back to a pre-amp or Integrated since most are only have a a simple left and right output?




@jay73 --

Active bi-amping, for the term to make sense at least, requires bypassing the passive cross-over and moving instead this part to function prior to amplification on signal level as a DSP or electronic XO for direct amp-driver control. As has been pointed to already, I too would suggest getting your bearings with this approach via a second setup, unless you’re the industrious and courageous type that jumps head first into these affairs with your main rig.

With similar stereo amps and 2-way main speakers you could further experiment with vertical vs. horizontal bi-amping. Or, using different amps to their respective driver segments in a horizontal configuration and see how that fares for you, like tube amps for the MF/HF section and solid state ditto for the lower frequencies; class A lower wattage SS for the highs and high power class D for the lows, etc. Try challenging any accepted thoughts here and turn things on their head, if nothing else to be the wiser with first-hand knowledge according to your own ears. Sometimes things turn out differently than one would’ve expected or has been told.


New speakers are a great idea for the next upgrade. Speakers really impact the sound of your system, so are worth really investigating. You should audition them. You want speakers that really connect with you. I would recommend listening to: Sonus Faber, B&W, Magneplanar, (lots of warm power required to drive these), a higher level Martin Logan, Dynaudiio. If you can spring for something in the $5K ballpark you are going to have speaker of tremendously greater potential.

If I were to consider new speakers or additional speakers, Pearl Acoustics Sibelius or Omega Speakers have caught my attention.

The Omega line of Speakers seem more affordable also and look like quality Speakers. I think either brand would match up well with the Sugden Integrated that I have.