question about Acoustat transformers

I've had both Acoustat 2+2 and 3's in the distant past. The 2+2's had the blue medallion transformers while the 3's were not the medallion variety. The difference in sound quality was very significant, the 2+2's being much more transparent and revealing. The 3's were flat sounding and opaque. I'm looking to acquire some more Acoustats and would like to know about the differences in the transformers, more about sound than technical differences. I see red medallion transformers listed. How do these compare to the blue? Thanks to all in advance for your input.
Whatever transformers you have they should be modded.
1. Replace the treble cut rheostat with high voltage resistors.
2. Replace the 3 old caps attached to the rheostat with a modern one. ( I used a beer can sized Solen, but there are other choices)
3. Replace the undersized speaker terminals with Cardas
4. If the transformer wire is Monster cable it will be a corroded green mess.
5. If the transformers have hard wired AC cords, replace with IEC sockets then use high quality cables ( makes a immediate difference)
You can find details on values and other details online.
This is a good and relatively inexpensive modification.

6. Enjoy for another 30 years