Question about a TV that has snow in the pic

Hi, I have a RCA 27 inch TV, that has alot of snow in the picture. The snow is at the top of the picture on the left and right side.
The picture is still good, but there's snow at the top.
This was a top of the line RCA TV in 1993.
It sold for 700 dollars. Its the 27230es TV.
Can anyone tell me the cause of snow on the TV.
Is it related to the picture tube.
Also, what is the best way to get rid of it.
Or does it mean, I would have to get another picture tube.
Which pretty much means, I got to get another TV.
You don't mention if the snow is there when watching dvds--- If it is---seems like it's time for 'tv-heaven' 12 years of service is pretty good.