question about a busted spike?

Hi all,

I have a pair of Quad 21l2s that came with spikes.

What happened is the black stand has 4 gold thread shanks for the spikes to screw into. The shanks are attached the black base. On on of my stands, one shank separated from the black stand. Thus, when I screw the spike into the stand, it can't tighten because the shank is not attached to the base and just spins when I turn it.

The speaker doesn't wabble and seems quite solid on my hardwood floors but not sure if this is impacting the sound and I should try a DIY fix. Basically, am I just being nuts?!?!

Thanks -- M
If the shank is loose enough to get out..Just pick up some epoxy at the hardware store and epoxy it back in.You may have to stand the speaker upside down so the epoxy won't ooze out while curing but epoxy will hold fine once cured..Its worth the piece of mind to fix it,if its that simple.....