Question 4 owners of Merlin & First Sound preamp

I'm trying to set-up the Merlin BAM unit through the Tape Loop of my First Sound Presence Deluxe preamp. Will this set-up work on a First Sound?

- currently, the BAM is between my CDP and the preamp; but, I'm using a tuner, as well. Thus, want the BAM either in the Tape Loop or between the pre and power.

- Bobby said having BAM in the Tape Loop, instead of between pre and power, sounds the best.

- Spoke to Emanuel at First Sound. He said the Tape Loop in the First Sound is different than that of others. There is only a "Tape Out" switch, no separate source selector for the Tape Loop.

- What are your experiences?


i just spoke to emmanuel and found out that your pre does not have a tape loop so you know what? i am a dummy.
what i can do for you is maybe have 2 separate inputs on the bam so you can use 2's that?
And that is why so many applaud from Bobby @ Merlin.

Thanks for the great offer. I'll give you a call.

It's service like this offer that puts Boby@Merlin in a class with a select few Hi-End owners.