questio about the new oppo bdp 103

I now have the oppo bdp 83, on the 83 theres an analog left/right stereo audio that I use for music via interconnects and I use an HDMI for multichannel I noticed that the 103 did away with that plug.
If I plug the L/R to the 5.1 FR/FL of the oppo103 would that give me the stereo analog as well.
I am using an Arcam avr400.
The main power board in the left front of the $500.00 Oppo BDP-103 is an identical twin to the main power board in the $3500.00 Electrocompanient EMP2 Universal BluRay Player. Interesting...
Tesseract86..yes, by hooking up the FL/FR from the Arcam to FL/FR output on the BDP-103 will work for two channel audio. After hooking up the Oppo to the Arcam, take the Oppo remote control and go into the speaker down mix settings that will display on the Oppo screen, and reset the speaker channels from 7.1 to two channel stereo and your good to go.