¿Quested AP500 ap800 ap1300 aka. MC2 Audio co uk ?


i write to know if someones has heard/compared A/B the Quested AP500, ap800, ap1300 aka. MC2 Audio co uk ?

Hi-Fi power amps, designed by same top brain of klark teknik
MC2 Audio co uk says that, Quested ap amps are OEM of them.
also some Dynaudio.
quested amps are easy to find in the US, 120v

¿someone has heard/tested A/B Quested AP500/800/1300?
with nice loudspeakers with 1-inch tweeters vs. other amps like Parasound Halo A**, Bryston SST, Mcintosh MC, Ayre, Mackie FR, Crest CA, QSC RMX, Alesis RA500, etc... ?

Quested AP500 mids are flat, are 3d?
overall transparent, muddy?
the highs are / or \ or - ?
the mid highs are darker or brighter?
lows are weak, strong ?

for example:
by transparent mids i mean like Mackie FR2500/1400,
fr2500 sounds not muddy, but dark mid highs, with weak bass. no rolled or hyped highs. i could call them dark extended highs. not colorless. not grey, not lifeless, but not glowing out of the speaker either.

or for example:
pyle pro pzt series are muddy mids, strong midbass like tube saturated, out of the speaker, bright mid-highs, with rolled\ off highs. with lots of color.
like a sonic mirror but blurred and not flat enough.
like a lot of tube glow/life. 3d mids. but weak highs.

and by strong bass i mean: QSC RMX1850HD. you feel the speaker its giving a stronger bass, with no eq. not pumped lows from EQ or Aphex aural exiter big bottom. i mean strong, solid, defined. you feel like its splitting your body. like, that you never thought possible a 6.5 wooffer could make you feel such strong bass.
but RMX is verry anoing in the mids and highs, like when you move something and makes a verry anoing high pitch sound.
total flat mids, super flat mids. ruler flat mids. and muddy/blurr mids and highs like with jitter and small Q bad Eqed, or something.

ive heard that some amplifiers amplify with diferent pitch, for example mackie fr2500 seems that has lower pitch than mackie m3000, crown macrotech, peavey cs4050, qsc rmx, yamaha p5000, etc...

some people may like it, some people dont.
for example:
there is a sound that sounds like grey to me, and a sound that sounds with color to me.
like WindowsMediaPlayer sounds in color, and foobar2000 sounds grey to me.

i think that in some people brains, the reward path mechanism its wired to the ears diferent, some reward pathways activate/reat/connected to color "some kind of even or odd combination of harmonics" and some people connected/react/activate to grey sound.
so.. that could explay why..
some people will perceive more pleasant the grey sound,
and some people will perceive more pleasant the color sound. "BETTER SOUND"
or even, maybe, probably some people will perceive the grey as color, and the color as grey. becouse its just some combination of harmonics.

like when you change wordclocks in the soundcard, the emu 1820m wordclock or the Yamaha dsp factory ds2416 wordclock, makes the soundfile sound grey.
but the same soundfile with Alesis ai-2 and/or drawmer m-clock & a good cable, makes the same harmonics sound in color to me, totally diferent.

i have noticed that people that like to hear hardcore RAP music, like grey sound.
and most people that like electronic music like color sound. also most people that like pop music, like the color sound, spice girls - holler its a good example of color sound.
people that hate classical music, hate it becouse, most is recorded in grey. but recorded in color harmonics sounds incredible. like the music for children cd behtoven music, created in colombia southamerica.

i love WindowsMediaPlayer9/10, and Telos Audioactive free MP3 decorder. and hate Foobar2000. love Virtual DJ, hate djdecks.be v0.8x. and i own it, i like pyle pro pzt amps, and like mackie fr2500, hate RMX highs and mids, love crown d-75, hate alesis speakers but love alesis ai-2 wordclock, love krk rp5 but rp8 sounds diferent, love genelec 1030a, love stanton dj pro 60 and akg k240s, hate sony 2506 headphones, love logitech x-540, hate digi002r, hate 001, hate RME hdsp9632 AD/DA and i own it, sometimes i like m-audio ap192, love Lynx AD/DA, and also i like soundblaster live5.1 even it sounds like 8-bit. love motu 2408mk2, hate tascam da30mk2, love roland vs2480, like some behringer digital stuff, some presonus, etc... etc... etc...

i write all this, to try to explain what is the sound im looking for., maybe you can help, maybe you have heard the sound im looking for, but dont like it! ?
just trying to avoid wasting time&money. in missunderstandings.,

im looking something similar to mackie fr2500 + pyle pro pzt. + crown d75 + qsc rmx1850hd.
the bright glow of the pyle, with the realism "out of the speakers" of the crown d75, with the clean, transparent mids of the mackie fr-2500, with the strong bass of the qsc rmx1850hd. and the depth "24-bit" mids & crispy highs of the qsc mx-2000a, with lots of watts. like >100w at 16ohms, over 1200w at 4ohms, bridged. or over 600w at 8ohms.
like to use big amps with half gain to drive small speakers, and completly eliminate noise.

the closest thing, i ever heard, to what im looking for, was a JBL 4343 with McIntosh C32/c33.
it sounded, like colapsing mids * wrong, but everithing else sounded just right. the highs amazing detailed, the lows strong. not muddy. color coming from a nice relaxed warm black silence.
or Tannoy system 2 with crown d75. amazing realism, amazing out of the speaker sound without loosing the highs like crest ca2 does. but sadly its too much golden colored.

or like the spirit by soundcraft absolute zero with peavey cs200x, sounded amazing at first, but when they broke-in, 2 days later, started to sound totally diferent, and i didnt liked that broked-in sound.

or like jbl 4206 crispy highs. with mcintosh c32 or yamaha a100 , amplifier.

i dont like most tube gear, becouse it sounds like inside a giant tube/pipe, to me.
with less dinamic range, like stiff, that cant strech or jump inside the tube.
for example milllenia-media tube mic pre mb-2b, sounds too stiff to me. like an over streched face lift, also the behringer tube mic pre 2200.
but love the adl600 micpre. and the new dbx tube mic pre.

by the way, does anyone know how new mcinstosh amps, compare to the old ones sonically? mc252/402 vs. c32/33, mc2600, mc500 ?

i heard some MC1250, they are good , especially for the price
Quested amplifiers are slightly modified version of the MC2 Amplifiers, the Signal path has more expensive op-amps.