Quest For Phono Preamp

Looking for a top tier phono preamp with the following features:

- volume control
- mono switch
- variable impedance loading (by switches, not by soldering)
- balanced outputs

Will also consider a full function preamp, but it must feature a phono section that is comparable to the better separates.

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I have listened to many in the 3-6K range. The one I that always comes back to me is the EAR 324. It has all you are looking for except the volume control. Sound is really good.

Dollar for dollar, the Gram Slee products are all that! I have the Amp2 with upgraded PS and can tell you that I am very pleased. My next move may be to simply get the Amp2 SE which has a higher output to better match my SET amplifier.

Aesthetix Janus, I believe, has all the above requirements. Never auditioned but has many positive reviews. Full function tubed pre-amp and is ideal for low output moving coils.

One model that has most of the features you desire is the PS Audio GCPH Phono Stage. I only feature I cannot recall it having, are balanced outputs. Cost is $1K with a 30 day no risk trial from the company. Mark
Checking the specs on the PS Audio Unit, I see that it is a dual mono balanced from input to output Stage, with dual mono power supplies, and it does also indeed have balanced output to feed to a pre-amp, or directly to an amplifier. I almost bought this Unit myself, but found a good deal on a used mint Sutherland PhD, and I'm very happy with it's performance. The features you require I myself didn't need. Mark
Try the E.A.R 88PB tubed stage. Gain/loading is automatic. Volume/mono is there with MM/MC. It is very quiet as well. I just auditioned one and it bettered my PH-3.
Check the PS Audio GCPH it has the volume control for running direct to an amp. Also balanced outputs, phase switch and mono! Loading is adjustable via knob on back of unit along with gain. check over at the vinyl asylum, I know some 'philes over there have heard it and own it. Haven't heard if anyone here has it yet. Good Luck