Ques on Mcintosh and Power Meters

In General , is it better to have LED's or bulbs ?

I would presume LED's last longer , but could one say replace a bulb themselves , if one blew a couple of years down the line ? Thanks.
Are you talking about bulbs, or are you talking about "power meters"?
Yes, bulbs can be replaced yourself. Some are in sockets, some have to be soldered in (and removing the old ones by un-soldering). The biggest challenge is not to mess up the face glass by doing something stupid, and slipping with a tool, etc.
As far as LED's go, the older Mac gear is set up using the small light bulbs, not LED's.
If it really worry's you, you can always have a Mac dealer replace the bulbs for you. But I've changed a few myself, and it's not that big a deal.
I sent mine directly to Mcintosh as per them 'they are a pain to replace' referring to the bulbs. I had them do an overall check of the amp while it was there.
Why not just buy the Led's from mcintosh that they use on the new ones, and solder them in to replace the bulbs all together? Should be 2 wires just the same as the old bulb sockets, and will just draw even less power than the old bulbs that were in there.. Bulbs and the LED's are also just simple DC devices.. I would do this mod myself if I still had Mcintosh gear.
AudioClassics is working through the Mac line with led replacement kits. You may want to check for availability on your model.
"Which is better?" LED's!!!
Whay are LED's better? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm sure you're not hearing an audible difference by saving about 1-1/2 watts of juice at best

Two MC-2105 Amps bought new. 29 years later, none, not even a one burned out. I decided to change all Lamps to the same original Lamps 5 years ago, just cause I seen a bit of haze on the inside of the Glass Faces by the Meters, they needed cleaning, and figured, if I'm going in, might as well change Lamps while I'm in there.

Next time I'l need to change them? About 24 years from now. (maybe) Mark
LED's are better simply because they last much longer. You should be very pleased that your bulbs performed so long Mark.
There is 50000 hour incandescents available. Sometimes the leds change the color just a little. I've used both kinds.