Queen II Reissue Hollywood Records

Has anyone heard the reissue of Queen II on LP?

I have a complaint but not sure if its me, my set up or the pressing?

AHOL 261801 reissue number from Hollywood Records.

I am finding that most, if not all the songs sound terrible. Lots of distortion. where seven seas of rye is unlistenable to me.

Anyone have the same experience?

Thank You!
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I have 2 cd's on the Hollywood label,
Classic Queen and Greatest hits. The recording quality of both of them is very good, most sound excellent. The 'Seven Seas of Rhye' is not the best mastered song on the 17 track 'hits' cd.
It is very listenable though as all the other tracks are, with the exception of wtf 'body Language'?! got to be the worst Queen track ever, but sounds really good, only listened once I might add (maybe twice).....
The cd's were mastered by Eddy Schreyer. Is it him that did the mastering on the vinyl also? I have most of the early pre cd stuff on original vinyl by Queen, but have not played the albums for many a year, hence why I bought the cd's.
Sorry I could not help you with your question, I hope somebody does.
i just picked up a copy. not the cleanest recording, slower passages definatly sound better than the harder rocking ones. i dont know about unlistenable, but it certainly could have been cleaned up for the reissue.
best regards