Queen any one ???

I like this stuff and listened to it since I was a kid. now 38 and its still cool.

What I would like to know is; how to find the best recorded or best sounding cd's and can a person get all of the old recordings. How is the sound quality of the box sets? and are there any inport cd's or dvds out there?

Finally I am curious of what speakers and system you use, I think some of these cd's are pretty demanding of a system so what rocks you? I have had a hard time of finding speakers that can handle this music.

This was one of the greatest and classiest of live loud rock bands of the 70's any thoughts?

I like the "Sheer Heart Attack" album. That is all that really ever interested me from them.
I liked their stuff as well. A Night at the Opera and A Day at the Races were my favorites. You can get "A Day at the Races" on Mobile Fidelity Gold at Elusive Disc. Their web site is elusivedisc.com. I believe the quantities are limited and it is out of print or so says their description.
I have every Queen CD that was released in the US and then some (having many imported recordings).

All of Qeen's albums have been digitally remastered (done in the early 90's by Hollywood Records). All of these albums are readily available in the US. Before these remastered albums came along, one would have to buy the imported CD's of all their albums done before 1980 or so.

Queen recordings are pretty good as mass market pop commercial recordings go. However, they did sort of sell out (IMHO) when they added synthesizers in The Game. And for some reason their recordings became much more unnatural and sonically manipulated.

My favorite albums are the ones they did in the early 70's: A Day at The Races, A Night at the Opera, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack. These albums are great fun, and Mercury's voice is recorded quite well on them.

The system I listen to Queen on is:

It is probably a lot better than Queen was ever intended to be played on, but it still sounds pretty good :)

I have A Night at the Opera on DCC gold disc and its sonic are superior to the standard CD how ever I believe there is another release that is even another step towards greatness- overall I agree that it is a demanding rock CD- it used to beat my avalons up but my maggies seem to be able to hack it. To the best of my knowledge all of the Queen gold disc's are no longer being produced- so if you are to find one GET IT!
The gold discs are sonically superior than the regular CDs. I love Live Killers, but it was recorded so poorly, I don't listen to it very often but Freddie's talent still comes through. What a voice he had! Add Killer Queen, Jazz and News of the World to my faves along with A Night at the Opera & A day at the Races.

didn't use synths until very late in the game (no pun intended)

I have a MFSL A Night at the Opera, which an ULTRA Queen fan know raved over when he heard it. It has seen no more than ten plays and has incredible detail especially when played LOUD.

maybe the digital loss noted earlier is similar to the no synths that Queen had, yes they recognized digitals pitfalls way back then before CD, Imagine!
I have the boxset and it sounds quite good, better than the MoFi.
There is a 3-CD "Platinum Collection"(basically greatest Hits 1,2, and 3) coming soon. If it has undergone the latest remastering techniques, it will be sweet. The DCC "Night @ The Opera" is "OK" (worth the $25), and the MoFi "News Of The World" is "acceptable", (but not deserving of a $100 price tag).
System: Cary 300 SEI, Cary CD-306, Triangle Celius.
I am too a big Queen fan,their early gothic rock albums have been forgotten in the hype surrounding them since Freddy died.
I have all the Jap imports,mini-sleeve style, of everything up to Jazz,these were remastered in 1998 which I think are the most recent issues.
They sound very good but I am not familar with earlier versions,if my experience is correct it is likely that the 25th Anniversary Japanese remasters are the best available.
I have one remastered (Hollywood) copy of "News of the world" (my fav. album). However I have to say that my 15 yr old vinyl copy sounds better ... not necessarily higher fidelity, just better. Some of my music just doesn't sound right on CD (esp when overly remastered). Queen is one example, AC/DC is another, Led Zep. yet another. For me CDs are where it's at for Beethoven, but old rock albums need a turntable.
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