Quboz, any firm US launch date posted anywhere ?

Strong rumors are it's launching in October 2018 but we're moving toward the end of the month and no announcements. 

Has anyone heard/read anything specific about when it formally rolls out here ? 

After comparing same albums on Tidal and Quboz I am afraid I cannot agree that sq of Quboz is significantly better at all.
At 16/44 I honestly cannot tell a difference.
Maybe Quboz 24/96/192 is better than Tidal MQA 24/96/192. I have not been able to compare that.

This is with trial of Quboz, I would not think the sq would be lesser that what they propose to offer for regular service
I read somewhere -- on these fora, perhaps? -- that someone out at RMAF had been told that the U.S. rollout would be coming in November. Tried to find this using the search function, but couldn't find anything. Thus, I'd suggest taking my post with a good bit of seasoning.
-- Howard

There is not an announced firm release date. They will be demonstrating it at Capital Fest Audio Show and answering questions at the show.
I will post at Audiogon as soon as I am told a firm date that they go live with subscriptions. Paul McGowan of PS Audio says in private comparisons with Tidal , Qobuz wins easily in sonic quality.

David Pritchard