Quatro and 2 Ce Sig II ?


I've just purchased the Sig II and have a question in terms of sound staging and pin point focusing between these two speakers. I'm in the military stationed overseas and didn't have the ability to listen before I bought but I'm really liking the Sig II with the Rogue Cronus rolled tubes, Rega Apollo and MIT S3 Shotgun and interconnects. The only speaker I have heard that blew me away with depth and pin point focusing were a pair of Avalon Eclipse 10+ years ago and don't have that sort of money to dish out but in my mind one day unless something has changed when I return back to the USA.
What is your question?
Does the Quatro project a larger pin point sound stage compared to the 2 Ce Sig II?
Are you in base housing or the barracks? Used Quatro's are around $5k+ and are very good. A friend is selling his pair in birdseye maple. I'd take a pair over the 2CE 's.