Quarantine/Vetting by Admin prior to allowing "Company Is Dead" Threads to go live

I am recommending that Admin / Audiogon Officials  ---  VET any thread that deals with the demise / closing of a business or change of a business, prior to allowing it to go live.

There have been three recent instances, and many more over time, where a member "jumps the gun" and posts information pertaining to a going concern that isn't true nor accurate of what has transpired.

I also suggest: 1) to lock these threads down immediately; 2) to allow members to report via an additional special circumstance "reason" button, until Audiogon driven independent verification can be made.

Can Audiogon Admin offer solutions and guidance regarding these types of posts?  Thank you.
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Not stereo, but in a similar hobby where there are many small companies producing high end product, I watched a similar thing - someone posted that they couldn't get hold of the company and that it must have crashed.

Turns out that the owner had just taken a 3 week holiday and his answering machine had died on him while he was away.  Untold customer grief over a total non-issue.  Maybe some sort of moderation would be in order.

Like a query about whether anyone else has been in contact with the business if you call, email and mail with no response for over a month (people today are notoriously impatient and want instant gratification - if they don't get a call back in a day they go postal sometimes).