Quarantine/Vetting by Admin prior to allowing "Company Is Dead" Threads to go live

I am recommending that Admin / Audiogon Officials  ---  VET any thread that deals with the demise / closing of a business or change of a business, prior to allowing it to go live.

There have been three recent instances, and many more over time, where a member "jumps the gun" and posts information pertaining to a going concern that isn't true nor accurate of what has transpired.

I also suggest: 1) to lock these threads down immediately; 2) to allow members to report via an additional special circumstance "reason" button, until Audiogon driven independent verification can be made.

Can Audiogon Admin offer solutions and guidance regarding these types of posts?  Thank you.
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I get your point, but I think you're taking it a bit too seriously. Just asking if a company is out of business, or is going out of business doesn't cause them to go out of business, and in all the many years I've been on this site, I have never felt that the question was asked out of revenge for poor service. Annoying yes, especially when I went online and found the answer right away.