Quantum Science Audio Thread

This is a thread for those who wish to discuss Quantum Science Audio products of all types.
 benzman ...

I had the SR Orange fuses throughout the system. I went with the QSA Yellow fuses. My experience was the same as you had with the LIght Blue fuses. I went back to the SR Orange fuses and all was okay again. Maybe not as detailed, but more musically satisfying. 


In my system, I realized that I would have to do fuse tests separately for each component. 

My preferences after warming up QSA fuses (300h continuously), compared to my Orange:

Classe M300 power amp (biamp mid/high). With Yellow, there are not big, but pleasant improvements.

Classe CP-700 pre-amp. There is no winner. I chose Yellow, because I hope that they will not burn here like SR.

Lumin U1 & Paul Hynes SR5 PSU. I am very surprised, but Yellow and Purple did not bring significant changes.

Sotm clock (feeds Esoteric G-01 and D-02 DAC, USBultra, Switches) and USBultra & Paul Hynes SR5 PSU. A strong performance jump with QSA Yellow and then with Purple. Without Purple, life goes out of music. In this place, I will test Red.

PS Audio P10 (feeds SR SX PowerCell). Switching to Yellow has made the biggest contribution to the sound of my system. It is comparable to replacing the USD3000 cable with USD6000. I order Red.

Just swapped the SR Orange fuse back into my amp, replacing the QSA Light Blue. Please note that the Orange is treated with TC, whereas the Light Blue is not. Although I kind of understand what Frank is saying about the midrange with the Orange, I clearly prefer the QSA Light Blue over the SR Orange in my amp, in my system. The Light Blue sounds more open, clear and transparent, while still being very musical.

I haven’t tried the QSA Yellow yet, but hope to, as funds allow. If you have tried both the Light Blue and Yellow, what differences do you hear?
‘Lumin U1 & Paul Hynes SR5 PSU. I am very surprised, but Yellow and Purple did not bring significant changes’

Thru my time of upgrading fuses starting with the Hi Fi Tuning Supreme and the SR reds I have noticed the Streamer is the least sensitive to fuse upgrades. 
Power amps and Pre’s make the biggest jump in my experience.