Quantum Science Audio light blue fuse; $71, what a bargain!

I wanted to start a new thread about the more affordable versions of these fuses. I don’t doubt that the higher end versions are amazing, but most of us aren’t very likely to be able to hear them for ourselves. Fortunately, pretty much anyone who is serious about building a musically enjoyable and engaging system can get a good taste of what they’re all about.

I’ve had the light blue QSA fuses ($71) in my CD transport and DAC for over two weeks, now. They replaced SR blue fuses, at around twice the price, and easily bettered them. I am expecting one more light blue tomorrow, to replace an SR orange in my amp. I’ll give an update on that, once I get it installed and listen.

Meanwhile, here are a couple quotes from my posts on the other thread:

“What I am hearing is; voices & instruments are more solid and lifelike, with increased natural detail and sense of space, better dynamics, and a more relaxed overall sound.”

“Just got in a second light blue fuse for my DAC. So far, more of the same improvements I got in my CD transport. Very nice!😃 One thing I appreciate is the break in seems to be pretty quick, without any of the nasties you get with some other stuff. Pop it in, and you’ll hear improvements in short order, at least that’s been my experience.”

I am continuing to greatly enjoy what these fuses bring to my system, and am really looking forward to getting the last one in my amp.

“Which particular Fundimental Law/s of Physics might be applied in explaining how these ‘QSA products’ are capable of producing such a manifestation?”

I could try and speculate, but I really have no idea. Fortunately, no explanation is required to take advantage of it.
“ I could try and speculate, but I really have no idea. Fortunately, no explanation is required to take advantage of it.“

Of course not...altho at least some form of rational explanation, however vanishingly tenuous, might go some little way toward a scrap of scientific credibility 


Rational explanation: there will be no funding for science to study the hearing of audiophiles.
Will this “scientific credibility” improve the the sound of my system? If I am applying for a research grant, then I need some scientific credibility. The amount needed to improve my system is exactly zero.
Science...Physics...even the Laws of Probability would improve the credibility in what you are claiming to hear, not in what *you* say you are hearing